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Alukeep, the Single Joint System – SJS technology

Introducing the most flexible Modular Fixturing System: one 3D joint for a repeatable positioning of to-be-tested components with tactile, photometric or laser scanning measuring devices.


Thanks to its exclusive Single Joint System patent, Alukeep allows you to join together in one single step and with one single piece, all the different parts of the structure. In this way the whole building operation becomes much faster.

In measuring stations with tactile, photometric or laser scanning measuring devices, assembly robots, pre-assembly bench, marking, automation, testing lasers. Alukeep is particularly indicated in the Automotive, Aerospacial, Biomedical, Molding, Die-casting and in general all Mechanical fields.

With just a common hexagonal key, you block the joint to the various ending parts. It’s faster, more simple, more flexible and assures a more precise operation and final testing, thus improving, on the overall, the efficiency of all your assembly staff.

Alukeep is sold in kits,                                                  or download the catalogue.

Whats is Alukeep ?

Where to use it

How does it work ?

Sales philosophy


While traditional modular systems provide large amounts of pieces, Alukeep kits guarantee a large saving on supplies and stocking.

All with one key! With one operation and only one joint you can link together all the different elements of the structure.

You can easily modify even the most complicated structures and adapt them to your new requirements, by only changing a few pieces.

There are no limits to the possible configurations. With Alukeep any design is possible, in a little time and with a small effort.

Testing is also very easy, fast and precise! Alukeep’s system allows to perform CMM adjustments and the testing of single parts in just a few seconds.


Alukeep is a 100% Made in Italy solution with an

international spread, thanks to its:

Final testing of the job has never been so easy and fast.

The system allows maximum efficiency during the testing cycle.

Fast testing


Even non qualified staff is able to use it.


You get the maximum with the minimum: one system for all your applications, with even less pieces than before.


All parts are made in strengthened aluminum alloy

for an endless lasting.


Set up timing is drastically cut down.

Fast set-up

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