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Industrial metrology description

ALUKEEP is a German company situated in Munich, whose Headquarter is located in the north-east of Italy, in Verona, a territory in Veneto region with a high concentration of precision mechanics production.

For 15 years, ALUKEEP has been producing a patented modular fixturing system for measurement equipment and has been regularly exported in 25 countries in the world throughout distributors operating in the metrology market.

The automotive field, especially car manufacturers and their suppliers are the main users of our product.

ALUKEEP modular fixturing system has been appreciated for its quality, competitive price, easy use and flexibility. Inspired by our agents all over the world, who work close to end customers in various fields, we increase the range of use of our system by adding components in our range, day after day. We have technically developed our product by bringing the system to the level required by car manufacturers for its use in high-tech checking systems such as Meisterbock Fixture or Checking Fixtures for sheet metal and/or plastic components.

All the patented components are subjected to strict quality and repeatability checks to guarantee the highest level of reliability, stability and recyclability.

Alukeep wants to be the best possible reference in the modular fixturing system field, both from a technological and a sales point of view.

Alukeep srl was born as a subsidiary company of Tor.Mec. Ambrosi srl, it was founded in 1980, as a high-precision mechanical plant, specialized as a third party supply company, on behalf of several medical, aeronautical, food, automotive and motorcycle companies.

It was created and developed as a technical solution for the internal quality department. The high-quality standard of the Alukeep system is the result of the following factors: highly qualified staff, technical cooperation with companies specialized in this field, CMM quality control, ISO standard working methodology.


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