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Alukeep srl was born as subsidiary company of Tor.Mec. Ambrosi srl, it was founded in 1980, as high- precision mechanical plant, specialized as a third party supply company, on behalf of several medical, aeronautical, food, automotive and motorcycle companies.


Alukeep wants to be the best possible reference in the modular fixturing system world, both from a technological and from a sales point of view.


We have finalized a technical partnership with an automotive design and engineering company, to develop and supply integrated engineering PRODUCTS and services for the automotive industry, for the design and creation of “meisterbocks”, of supporting and control calibers and assembly equipment.


It was created and developed as a technical solution for the intern quality department. The high quality standard of Alukeep system is the result of the following factors: highly qualified staff, technical cooperation with companies specialized in this field, CMM quality control, ISO standard working methodology.

Alukeep System

•  Design and engineering development of modular systems, very   unique for their versatility and flexibility of use.

•  Competitive cost

•  Reduced timing

•  Versatile team work

•  Direct client service

•  ISO 9001-2000 certification


Alukeep offers all customer and sales related services, such as warehouse storing, CAD design, engineering and construction of dedicated elements. The company has recently introduced new sales and commercial people, in addition to product development and client service personnel. In this way we can really state that Alukeep is ready to face, with new energy and motivation, the global market.

Our Offer

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